Not much technical stuff updated. The past few weeks I’ve been animating the characters rigged by my autorig scripts. New ideas keep coming up :

  1. Having a picker UI is more handy, especially when posing gesture.
  2. On-spot eye rotation controls are better than the aim control. Selecting and translating the aim control and then the corresponding control for each eye are not efficient.
  3. Soft IK is helpful. When the arm/leg moves slowly, the pop becomes obvious.
  4. Avoid FK/IK switching. Use IK for the whole shot even when it is needed for certain period only. The switching could be troublesome sometimes.
  5. The elbow joint should NOT be placed too far from the mid point. The forearm may look weird when you twist the hand.


By the way I find the great animatic / layout / pencil test of “A Soñar con Disney”. Can’t stop watching it again and again.