Here are some of the tools I use at work.

Container showing icons for easy browsing ( We are artists ! )
My main biped auto-rig system
Another auto-rigging tool using modular approach ( For characters like robot having multiple limbs )
Automation of simulation and caching for shots with large amount of ZIVA characters
Facial setup tool using FACS and Jason Osipa’s Stop-Staring approach
Multi purpose tool for asset inspection and batch editing
1. Setup tool for ZIVA human & horse
2. Shape creation tool for blendShape
3. Custom skin weighting tool
1. Export and baking tool for game characters
2. Viewport tool for quick display options
3. Custom shortcut for daily usages

3 Responses to Tools

  1. Download here
    folder Scripts/Startup

    editing some scripts I could make a utility for 3dsmax that can help with skinning.

  2. Kenneth says:

    hi there. thanks for the site.

    I have a question for you.. I am trying to extract blendshape delta information/data from a set of blendshapes so that I can reapply them to a different mesh with same topolgy.

    is this hard to do? I want to make a script/plugin so that I can reuse the deltas for different meshes (same topology). any help in pointing me to right direction will be appreciated. 🙂

    thanks in advance.